How much does it cost to build an addition in 2019!!

Posted by Courtney Price // February 15, 2019

Ever want to add on to your home or are an investor doing add on's? Well guess what we have an article for you! This article tells you how much it costs to get an addition and how to do it! The best way to do an addition on a home is to find […]

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Posted by Courtney Price // February 8, 2019

1. Write down the goals you have for your business in 2019 and how you are going to achieve them. 2. Know the market that you are trying to target. Continually research and stay on top of the latest trends hitting your market. 3. Do your due diligence, make sure your information is correct and […]

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Wanna Rehab a House???

Posted by Courtney Price // February 1, 2019

Have you ever wanted to rehab a house or remodel your own home?? Check out Fortune Builders 9 steps on rehabbing a house and see that you can do it too!! 1. Evaluate the property with the help of a professional inspector. 2. Create a checklist so that rehabbing a house from start to finish […]

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The Importance of Having a Team

Posted by Courtney Price // January 25, 2019

This week we really wanted to share how important team building and having a strong team can be for your business. Like our founder Chris Price says, " TEAM Together Everyone Achieves More!" We strongly believe in this and have an article here 5 Important Reasons Why Team Work is Vital. Let us know your […]

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What is Hot Mopping?

Posted by Courtney Price // January 18, 2019

Hot mopping is using hot asphalt to bed three layers of felt together to make a waterproof pan for your shower. Check out our guys doing a great job hot mopping a bathroom at our latest rehab!

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Hopeful Horizons Outreach

Posted by Courtney Price // July 18, 2018

Did you know that with every deal we do we donate 10% to a non-profit Organization called Hopeful Horizons Outreach. Their mission is to "Bring together ordinary people, doing extraordinary things." Together their family team has donated over $600,000. Check out them and all the work they do at

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Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMS) Vs Fixed Rate

Posted by Courtney Price // July 25, 2016

One of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to mortgages is: what is the cheaper option – fixed rate or an adjustable rate mortgages? When most homebuyers want to take out a loan, they go for the lowest rates available in the market. This of course makes sense, and at that point, 5-year […]

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The Real Estate Investment Mindset

Posted by Courtney Price // July 11, 2016

Today’s climate is right for real estate investment. The prices of real estate have gone down considerably while the interest rates remain at their lowest. That makes for perfect timing for those who want to join the list of successful real estate investors. Here are some real estate investment tips for future real estate moguls. […]

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How to Shave Years Off Your Mortgage

Posted by Courtney Price // June 27, 2016

No one wants to have the burden of a mortgage hanging around for any longer than necessary. You want to take out the loan and repay it off as quickly as possible so that you can enjoy your home in peace. When weighing the options that you have, you will face a decision between a […]

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5 Factors You Must Consider Before Buying a House

Posted by Courtney Price // June 13, 2016

Buying a house, whether to live in or to make a quick flip, can be a complex process. And today’s process is definitely more involved than it was 20 years ago. Before you undertake the process of buying a house you will be best positioned when you are armed with best information on how to […]

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