What are 2 things you need to know this spring?

Posted by Courtney Price // March 8, 2023

A lot has changed over the past year, and you might be wondering what’s in store for the spring housing market. If you’re planning to sell your house this season, here’s what real estate experts are saying you should keep in mind. 1. Houses That Are Priced Right Are Still Selling Houses that are updated and […]

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The American Dream

Posted by Courtney Price // November 9, 2022

Buying a home is a powerful decision, and it remains a key part of the American Dream. In fact, the 2022 Consumer Insights Report from Mynd found the majority of people polled still view homeownership as a key life achievement. Let’s explore just a few of the reasons why so many Americans continue to value homeownership. The Financial Benefits […]

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Posted by Courtney Price // March 31, 2020

Want a sneak peak into our newly finished home in Sherman Oaks? Here is one of our favorite shots of the kitchen. We have Thermador appliances, trusses, custom cabinets, Ashely Norton hardware, and so many more details that went into this dream kitchen. Let us know below if you want a detailed run down on […]

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Can renderings help your sale?

Posted by Courtney Price // April 12, 2019

For our latest project in Sherman Oaks we invested time and money in getting 3D renderings! Here are some facts from Design Blends that highlight why having a 3D renderings can improve sales in your company! Professionals need to make sure they're always using the best tools for their business. As technology advances, this is […]

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How to start the week off right!

Posted by Courtney Price // April 8, 2019

It is so easy to get a case of the Monday Blues. We wanted to share with you some tips from Forbes on how to prepare and really start your week off right! Being an entrepreneur can be challenging and making sure you start your week off in the right direction can be a great […]

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How to Lay Tile??

Posted by Courtney Price // March 29, 2019

Tile is such a massive way to make a huge impact in any home. Something that we have discovered in our Los Angeles rehab is that even by just laying the tile in a unique position can make a massive difference. You can take even a simple tile and make it a custom look by […]

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Doubling your money!

Posted by Courtney Price // March 22, 2019

The power of investing is shown so clear here in this illustration. Overtime your investments with real estate only increase. Imagine being able to buy something for $6,000 and selling it for over $1 million!! That is the true power of the American Dream and the real estate industry. Comment below if you have an […]

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Routines = Success

Posted by Courtney Price // March 15, 2019

As a team we have daily, weekly, and quarterly routines and goals. For us it is so important to have goals and routines that help move our business forward. We want to encourage our team to work hard everyday at work and the way we do that is by setting company goals. For any entrepreneurs […]

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Attention to Details is everything!

Posted by Courtney Price // March 1, 2019

At Coast to Coast we pride ourselves in making the highest quality product possible for our customers. We want everyone who moves into one of our homes to feel special and unique. One of the ways we have done this in our latest rehab is by adding wooden beams to the ceiling in the living […]

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Looking to Buy a Home this Year??

Posted by Courtney Price // February 22, 2019

If you are looking to buy a home in 2019 here is an article to help you! Buying a house is a minefield full of “I didn’t know thats.” From choosing the right home to qualifying for the best mortgage, you want to minimize the things you don’t know. Lower your “didn’t-know” ratio. With a […]

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