How to start the week off right!

How to start the week off right!

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It is so easy to get a case of the Monday Blues. We wanted to share with you some tips from Forbes on how to prepare and really start your week off right! Being an entrepreneur can be challenging and making sure you start your week off in the right direction can be a great way to growing your business and mindset.

I would suggest a different, more productive strategy for Monday mornings.

On Sunday, prepare for your workweek by mentally planning out your week ahead. Write a to-do list of your tasks. Start with the worst ones first to get it over with. Prepare your wardrobe to save time in the morning. Go to sleep early, wake up early and plan to arrive early at the office.
Think differently than everyone else to rise above the crowd. It is a cliché to bemoan the beginning of the week. Yes, we all know that the weekend is too short. It’s not pleasant to face the cold reality of another week of work. While everyone is miserable and complaining, be the person who is upbeat, positive and motivated. You don’t have to be the phony, over-the-top or excited person, just come across interested and passionate about your job and career.

Do a little soul-searching. Are you happy to be where you are? Do you enjoy your job? Is your career going the way you had hoped it would? If not, there is a high likelihood that you will be upset Monday morning. If you are energized about the week ahead then you are probably in a good space. If the Monday blues are worse than the normal discomfort, you have a bigger issue to deal with. It may be time to start thinking of a new job or having a talk with your boss to improve your situation.
If possible, get in a little workout before you start the day and eat a hearty breakfast at home.
Once in the office, avoid the pervasive and distracting idle chitchat and gossip. Dive into the plan that you made the night before.

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