Why Your Home Inspection is so Valuable

Why Your Home Inspection is so Valuable

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You have bought your home and are almost to the end. You just need to get past the home inspection. For some, this process is to make sure there are no big-ticket items not working or very old. However, the home inspection should be more than that for everyone. You should not only look for the big-ticket items but also be focusing on getting to know your home. To make sure you get the best value from your home inspection read these four tips below.

Hiring Someone Who Knows What They are Doing

This is not the time where you want to try to save money and just hire the lowest bidder. Remember: this person will be making sure that every part of your home is safe to live in.   So make sure that your hire a professional to go through your home. Ask your agent for advice on someone who knows the area and has good referrals. You want an inspector who will give you as much information as possible on your home. Inspectors are required to give you as much information as they can on your home to the best of their ability.

Make Sure you are Prepared

When you walked around the home you probably had a few questions about the construction in different areas, maybe the sellers disclosed information about the home or you could have received information from the local building department, which may have raised more questions. Whatever the questions are make sure that you come prepared with them and ask them in the beginning. This will allow the inspector a chance to keep them in mind as he is walking through these areas and can answer them to the best of his ability.

Go With the Inspector

The best way to get to know your home is to walk around with the inspector. He will be able to point out things to you while discovering them. It is easier to see things firsthand and talk about them with the inspector at that moment, rather than having to hear about them at the end.

Prepare for the Future

Your inspector can help you prepare for the maintenance of your home in the future as he will be equipped to help you create a maintenance plan for your home. It is important that you know what things need to be fixed or replaced right away and what items you can save up to replace. This plan will help make owning a home easier and allow you to be prepared for these major costs in the future.

Your home inspection is a valuable part of buying a new home, ensuring that you are able to be prepared and truly know what you are getting in your new home. Make sure that you ask your home inspector as many questions as necessary so you are able to be comfortable with your home today and in the future.

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