Why You Should Buy a Home Now

Why You Should Buy a Home Now

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The real estate market is continuing to rise which means now is a great time to buy a home or make an investment.  You may think that you missed your opportunity for a great deal but this is not necessarily true.  If you find yourself in this position, make sure you consider these four factors before you a buy a home.

The Price of a Home

Most people who have bought a home recently are already seeing that they are making money, a the real estate market continues to rise.  This means that if you missed out on buying a home over the last couple of years, it is okay, you can still make money.  You may not necessarily have the funds to purchase your dream home but it is a good opportunity to begin to build equity and save money for that future dream home.

Understanding Interest Rates

Interest rates are currently low which is another reason why it is a good time to buy a home.  Low interest rates mean that you will not have a large extra amount in interest to pay every month.   Interest rates could be on the rise which will make purchasing a home more difficult and expensive.

Rising of Rents

While it can be difficult to afford buying a home, you most likely finding it difficult to afford to rent one.  Rent prices continue to rise each year.  When purchasing a home, you are able to lock in a monthly amount you will pay for your mortgage.  When you are a renter you are paying someone else’s mortgage and they have the right to raise it at any time. With some  research you can find a home to buy and pay the same amount or less in your mortgage as you would in your rent.

Availability Can Become a Problem

If you continue to wait on purchasing a home you will not only miss out on the good deals but you will also may not have many homes available for you to purchase.  This is also true when it comes to renting.  As times goes on you may not be able to find rental properties that work for you and that you can afford.

Waiting to buy a home can become very costly.  The longer you wait to buy a home, the more money you are throwing away and the more time you are wasting in not building equity.  Purchasing a home now will allow you to take advantage of low interest rates and help you stop paying high rental prices.

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