We all know that during the summer time there is nothing better than spending time outdoors! Here are some tips to make any out door space perfect for summer!

  1. Pool/ Pool toys: A fun activity to do outside during the summer is of course to swim! Even if you don’t have a pool you can make a splash with blow up one from your local store. Easy and cheap way to have fun!
  2. Easy to Make Fireplace: If you have followed us before than you know our make shift fire pit is easy and cheap! All you need is some stones, rock, and some wood! That is it! You will be the life of the party with a back yard bonfire!
  3. BBQ: It is not summer without a BBQ or two! Some of our favorites if you do not have a built one are from Lowes and Home Depot!

Be sure to comment below what your summer plans are for this summer!!

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