Attention Home Buyers: How to Win Over Home Sellers

Attention Home Buyers: How to Win Over Home Sellers

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Buying a home does not always have to mean offering the most for the property, especially if you will want to make sure you pay the lowest amount possible on the home to save you money.  As home buyers, there are strategies you can use to help make your offer appeards more desirable without having to offer the most amount of money.

Allowing Sellers to Choose the Closing Date

Giving the sellers the opportunity to choose the closing date could mean that they are willing to knock some money off the price of their home.  A certain date could mean that they will save money and, therefore, you save money in the end.  Before making this decision you will want to make sure that you have a place to go that will not cost you more money.  Check your lease agreement and look into if you can afford paying two mortgages if needed.  You may also need to ask friends and family if you could store things at their place or stay with them to save money.

Not Having Any Conditions

Sellers may be apt to pass up more money if it means that you will definitely close on the deal.  Many times pending home inspections or financing are tough to avoid but if possible it can save you money.  Try and arrange a letter or other ways to ensure lender’s commitment in order to sweeten the deal.

Buying Just the Home

Some sellers may be attached to their furnishings or fixtures in their home.  They may be turned off by the deal if you are trying to purchase these things from them.  To make the deal as simple as possible, just make an offer on the home.  If you really like the items in the home ask the sellers where they purchased them from and get them on your own.

Standing Out From the Other Home Buyers

A way to make yourself noticeable to the sellers is to write them a letter or create a video expressing how much you love their home.  They may appreciate the ideas that you plan on doing to the home and that you see yourself creating a future in the home.  Either way they will like the fact that you see the value of their home and are understanding of the connection they have made to the home.

Having a Good Realtor

The last piece of the puzzle is to have a realtor who is good at negotiating and showing the seller that your offer is very strong.  They need to make the seller look past the price tag and realize that they could be making money in the deal by choosing you even though it may not be as obvious.

Buying a home does not have to mean paying more than your competitors for a home.  If you make a solid offer which is convenient to the sellers you can still get the home even though your offer may be lower.

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