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As an investor we all understand the importance of SQFT and even adding more SQFT to a home. However, when you add SQFT there are a few key components that must be done that we wanted to share with you today.

  1. Analysis: We must analyze the home and see if adding SQFT would add value to the home. Once we decided that it will add value we must understand if the home is capable of adding on SQFT. Does it follow all of the city requirements needed.
  2. Architecture: In this step it is vital to get your contractor and an engineer to draw up plans for the new addition. The most important aspect of this business is safety and having the correct plans is key to the safety of the project.
  3. The City: Next we must submit our new addition to the city you are working in.
  4. Build, Build, Build: Once plans are approved you can be off to the races and create the new addition.

Here is a photo of our project in Los Angeles where we added the whole front addition which is now an office/4th bedroom for our clients.

What do you think is it beneficial to add more SQFT in a home or is it too much of a hassle? Leave a comment for us below!! ?

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