A Guide to Downsizing

A Guide to Downsizing

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There is a lot of stress associated with moving, especially when it comes to downsizing.  You are not only leaving behind memories but when you are downsizing you also have to get rid of personal items before you move.  When moving into a smaller space, not all of your old things can come with you. To make this downsizing process easier for you, make sure you follow these three tips.

Make Sure you Start and Plan Early

Starting early is very important when you are downsizing.  You don’t want to be rushing around at the end trying to make difficult decisions as stressful decisions are not always the best decisions.  Your first step should be going to the new home and measuring the spaces, including the storage area.  This will help you decide which furniture you should bring with you.  Starting with the largest furniture and then moving to the smaller pieces is helpful.  As you are downsizing work with one room at a time and decide what you will be bringing and what you will not be bringing. You don’t want to get to the new place with too much stuff.

Get Organized

As you are working from room to room you will need to decide what you will be bringing with you.  This is when it helps to have a “yes” and “no” pile.  As you are going through your things put them in one of the two piles.  Don’t have a “maybe” pile as this will only delay the decisions.  Donate anything you can in the “no” pile to someone in need.

Save your Memories

You will want to try every way possible to save your important memories. Chances are, you have a number of photo albums saved but these can take up a lot of space in your new home.  To avoid this, have your photos digitized.  If it is something valuable, pass it on to a family member you believe will also cherish it.  You can also take photos of things you are unable to bring with you – that way you will always be able to cherish them when you look at them.

Making the decision to move can be an emotional one. The process can allow it to be easy to get overwhelmed when trying to downsize your home as knowing that you need to get rid of valuables and memories can be stressful.  The easiest way to prepare is to start early, be prepared and be as well-organized as possible.

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