A For Sale by Owner Guide (Part 1)

A For Sale by Owner Guide (Part 1)

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Do you know what selling your home entails? Do you know what you should do if you want to sell without an agent? Are you ready to sell your home? All of these are important questions you need to ask yourself when you decide to sell, especially if you are planning to be a For Sale by Owner seller. Selling your home is a complicated process but with these tips you can make smarter decisions with fewer mistakes and hopefully have a more successful sale.

Let Go of Emotional Attachments

When deciding to sell your home you need to set aside your emotional attachments. Remember that the buyer doesn’t care about your history and memories made in the home; they care about seeing themselves there, making their own memories. Set your emotions aside and show them the potential of the property, not what it once was. If the buyer thinks that you’re too attached to the home it could cost you the sale or make them offer you a lower bid.

One major reason to show that you’ve set your emotions aside is to show that you are committed to making the sale. Commit to being available to answer questions and show the questions at their convenience. You want to sell the home, so being available for their needs will go a long way to making the sale happen. If you aren’t able to do that then maybe this isn’t the right time for you to sell or you should consider working with an agent that can help take care of these things for you.

Find a Photographer

Your home’s listing is your first chance to make a great impression on potential buyers. Why wouldn’t you want the best possible photographs of your home to be listed online? You should take the time and hire a professional photographer to take the photos of your home to get the best angles and best views.

Great photos are also great tools to help in marketing your home, but there are many other marketing techniques available to you if your home is “for sale by owner.” You can use fliers, open houses, door to door knocking, mailers and several other methods. Do your research about each marketing technique and help your home to be seen by as many people as possible.

In our next post, we will cover the second half of our “for sale by owner” guide, sharing what mistakes to be aware of to avoid.

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