5 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

5 Ways to Meet Your New Neighbors

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You may adore the house you selected and you couldn’t possibly be any happier with the nearby amenities, but it is really hard to feel like you are truly home in your new surroundings until you get to know your new neighbors. If you are a social person, you may have no problem walking right over and knocking at the door; but you have to keep in mind that not everyone is as social as you. If the thought of meeting new people makes you break out into a sweat, you may need a little helpful advice.

  1. Sooner Rather than Later – If you are not keen on the idea of introductions it can be tempting to keep putting it off for just a couple more days. However, when six months go by and you still have not made the effort it just becomes a little awkward. Don’t do it the day you move in (unless they are standing outside) or they may get the instant impression that you are going to be a bother.
  1. Start with a Wave – When you are both getting in your cars at the same time in the morning, a simple wave is a good start. Keep in mind that timing is important. You may not be in a hurry to get to work, but your neighbor could already be late. As a rule, avoid introductions in the morning before work and during dinner.
  1. Walk Your Dog – Walking your dog around the neighborhood and through the nearby park is a great way to find out which neighbors are pet lovers. Your four-legged friend can break the ice for you. They take care of the initial introduction, so all you have to do is remember to tell them your name.
  2. Invite for Coffee – Slip a little card or handwritten note in their mailbox with your phone number and email address inviting them for coffee or tea. This puts the ball in their court.
  1. Mingle at the Bus Stop – If you drive your child to the bus stop and then usually sit there in the car until the bus arrives, you will want to mix things up a bit for now. The bus stop offers you the golden opportunity to meet the local parents. Ask them where the best cafĂ©, daycare, yoga studio and parks are. You will have friends in no time!new

Even the most social person can feel a bit like an outcast when it comes to moving into a new neighborhood. You don’t have to become best friends with your new neighbors, but getting to know them will make you feel like you are finally home.

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