Posted by Courtney Price // July 19, 2019

The best part in the real estate investment business is seeing the transformations in the projects. As you can see here at our 459 N Crescent Heights property we were able to add on 600 SQFT and create a beautiful custom home for our future homeowner. This project with a hard working team was finished […]

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Posted by Courtney Price // July 5, 2019

For anyone interested in or involved in the real estate business knows that communication is absolutely key to the success of any company. When you are involved in a rehab project having an open form of communication is what will help you stay on time and budget. Here are some tips that we use here […]

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Posted by Courtney Price // June 27, 2019

The importance of having a scope of work is key for any rehabbing project. The scope of work is breaking down exactly what the job is needing and what needs to get done by all parties. We as a team believe in creating a like minded goal and using all team members strengths to get […]

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Posted by Courtney Price // June 25, 2019

At our property in Sherman Oaks a great and simple way to transform the exterior of the home. A gable is simply creating a pitch in the roof of the ceiling. This gives the home a unique charm and a quick way to dress up the outside of any home. If you have a general […]

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Posted by Courtney Price // May 24, 2019

Lighting is one of the ways we get to add some fun and “light” into the space. At our Los Angeles property we added this star light in the powder bathroom. It was a fun and quick way to give the space a unique touch. We want all of our projects to have unique aspects. […]

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Creative Process

Posted by Courtney Price // May 3, 2019

Who else agrees that interior design is a true creative process? This is something that we have learned from our head designer. She shows the true value in putting together a cohesive home for the potential home buyer. Every element of the home should be thought out and planned to make it functional and beautiful. […]

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Posted by Courtney Price // January 2, 2019

As a team we have learned new and efficient ways to be a marketer in the fast pace industry of investing. Our biggest take away that we wanted to share with all of you is consistency. The value of consistency is key when running marketing campaigns. Whether that be letter campaigns, social media, or door […]

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