Multi-Generational Homeownership

Posted by Courtney Price // November 17, 2022

If you’re thinking of buying a home and living with siblings, parents, or grandparents, then multigenerational living may be for you. The Pew Research Center defines a multigenerational household as a home with two or more adult generations. And the number of individuals choosing multigenerational living has increased over the past 50 years. As you consider this […]

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Should I buy right now?

Posted by Courtney Price // October 18, 2022

With higher mortgage rates, you might be wondering if now’s the best time to buy a home. While the financial aspects are important to consider, there are also powerful non-financial reasons it may make sense to make a move. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with homeownership. Homeowners Can Make Their Home Truly Their […]

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Your House Might be Ready to Sell

Posted by Courtney Price // October 11, 2022

One of the biggest concerns for a homeowner looking to sell is the time they’ll have to put in before listing their house. If that’s the case for you, you should know – your home might be closer to list-ready than you think in today’s housing market. A survey of recent sellers from realtor.com finds that many were able to […]

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Grow your Equity!

Posted by Courtney Price // October 5, 2022

It’s true that record levels of home price appreciation have spurred significant equity gains for homeowners over the past few years. As Diana Olick, Real Estate Correspondent at CNBC, says: “The stunning jump in home values over the course of the Covid-19 pandemic has given U.S. homeowners record amounts of housing wealth.” That’s great for your home’s value over the last […]

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What Homebuyers Can Expect with an Appraisal — and What to Do If It’s Below Your Offer Price

Posted by Courtney Price // September 27, 2022

What’s an Appraisal and Why It’s Important An appraisal is an opinion of the market value of a home, and it’s performed by a third-party professional with state-issued appraiser credentials. The main purpose of an appraisal is to help the lender evaluate the collateral for your loan, which is your home. As a homebuyer, you […]

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4 Things Proactive Homeowners Do in September

Posted by Courtney Price // September 20, 2022

Give the house a little extra love and maintenance with these tips!

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How Do I Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage?

Posted by Courtney Price // September 15, 2022

What is a pre-approval? And how do you get pre-approved? If you’re thinking about buying a house, getting pre-approved for a loan is an important step before you start your search.  Text us for a free pre-approval today!!!

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Why Home Staging Inspires the Best Prices in Any Housing Market

Posted by Courtney Price // September 6, 2022

Staging your home offers benefits for both buyers and sellers. If you want to sell your home for the least amount of time and the best price, connect with me today for the best ways to   maximize the sale of your house! Check out the full article here!

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Stucco and Vinyl were the Most Common Siding Materials on New Homes in 2021

Posted by Courtney Price // August 31, 2022

Stucco is the most common siding material in the country. Stucco is resistant to termite, mold, fire, and rot. It has the capability to last up to 100 years depending on climate conditions. Check out even more by clicking here!

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What do sellers need to know in this market?

Posted by Courtney Price // August 24, 2022

If you’re thinking about selling your house, you may have heard about the housing market slowing down in recent months. While it’s still a sellers’ market, the peak frenzy the market saw over the past two years has cooled some. If you’re asking yourself if you’ve missed your chance to sell your house and make a […]

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